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Math 480a: Sage -- Free Open Source Mathematical Software

Course Description

This course is about the free open source Python-based mathematical software Sage. You will learn how to use Sage to solve problems in several areas of mathematics, and gain a much deeper understanding of how Sage works.

Course Info

Schedule and Lectures



M 3/28

1. Course organization; Introduction to Sage worksheet01.sws

W 3/30

2. Sage; Python Variables and Control Flow worksheet02.sws

F 4/1

3. Python Functions worksheet03.sws

M 4/4

4. Python Classes; Building Python from Source; a little Cython worksheet04.sws

W 4/6

5. Python Data Types: Lists, Tuples, Strings and Files worksheet05.sws

F 4/8

6. Python: Exception Handling, Decorators worksheet06.sws

M 4/11

7. Introduction to Cython worksheet07.sws

W 4/13

8. Resources for figuring out how to solve problems using Sage (no worksheet -- see chapter of book)

F 4/15

9. Cython: basic language constructions worksheet09.sws

M 4/18

10. Cython: basic language constructions (part 2) (no worksheet10)

W 4/20

11. Numpy - the fundamental package needed for scientific computing with Python worksheet11.sws

F 4/22

12. Cython + Numpy = Awesome worksheet12.sws

M 4/25

13. How to do Sage development, part 1 -- how Sage is developed worksheet13.sws

W 4/27

14. How to do Sage development, part 2 -- making a patch Video

F 4/29

15. Scipy -- A Powerful Open Source Library of Scientific Tools worksheet15.sws

M 5/2

16. Drawing Graphics: 2d plots (Simon) worksheet16a.sws

W 5/4

17. Drawing Graphics: 3d plots (Simon) worksheet17.sws

F 5/6

18. Drawing Graphics: matplotlib (Simon) worksheet18.sws

M 5/9

19. Number theory: Prime Numbers and the Riemann Hypothesis worksheet19.sws

W 5/11

20. Number theory: Public key cryptography worksheet20.sws

F 5/13

21. Number theory: Elliptic curves and the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture; MIDTERM assigned, worksheet21.sws

M 5/16

22. Interfacing Sage with: Octave, Matlab, etc., MIDTERM due, worksheet22.sws

W 5/18

23. Statistics: Rpy2 (using R from Sage) worksheet23.sws, last homework assignment assigned (number 8)

F 5/20

24. Abstract Algebra: Groups, Rings and Fields worksheet24.sws

M 5/23

25. Exact Linear Algebra worksheet25.sws

W 5/25

26. Databases: Pickles and SQLite worksheet26.sws

F 5/27

27. Databases: SQLite worksheet27.sws

M 5/30

Memorial day (no class)

W 6/1

28. Final project presentations, part 1

F 6/3

29. Final project presentations, part 2


See http://wstein.org/edu/2011/480a/hw/.

Grading and Project Info

Software and Book Links

Previous Courses at UW on Sage Include

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