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28. Final project presentations, part 1

Each group will have 4 minutes in which to give a "lightning presentation" on their project (a loud alarm will go off at 4 minutes and stay going off). If you want to use your own laptop, make sure it is extremely ready to go. If you want to use my laptop, send me your project materials as soon as you can or just post them on http://flask.sagenb.org, and you can login and show them.




Kevin Lau

Miscellaneous functions

Miscellaneous function relating to, normal approximation, binomial distribution, even/odd function.

Alex Do

League of Legends Champion Testing

Making use of the sage's ability to create and use objects I designed a way to create and manipulate an object to behave similarly to that of a champion in the game League of Legends. I also made use of pickle and sqlite3 in order to store a list of equips. This would be a good tool for people who like to play League of Legends and like to do TheoryCrafting.

Jie Ji

Python Game: The Dungeon

My project is a program called The dungeon. It is a game I write using python 3.2 and pygame 1.9.1. The game includes three little games: the guessing game, the dragon realms, and the one to be determined by tomorrow. Only by finishing three sub-games would enable the player to win the dungeon game.

Nathan Breit

Point set matching

Imagine someone hands you a drawing of the stars in a constellation and wants you to find it somewhere in the night sky. This is point set matching. I will demonstrate a method for finding such matchings by imposing graph structures on the point sets (for example by using Delaunay triangulation), then searching for their maximum common isomorphic sub-graphs. I will go on to explore applications of point set matching in computer vision.

Colin Dilworth

RSA encryption algorithm

RSA is an encryption algorithm involving large primes and modular arithmetic, much like the algorithm we were shown in class. I will show some examples of how the algorithm works and give some background on it. As we saw in class, Sage works really well with this kind of thing, so it's a very good tool for encrypting numbers with RSA.

Alex Arslan

The Lorenz Attractor Interactive Investigatory Tool

I will give a very brief explanation of the governing system of differential equations for the Lorenz attractor, then exhibit the use of the Lorenz Attractor Interactive Investigatory Tool.

Derreck Ross

Using programming to solve problems in Economic Game Theory

Shows the use of sage to solve some problems in basic Economic Game Theory. The very popular "Prisoner's Dilemma" will be able to be solved using matrix algebra. Other Economic Games will also be addressed, including how the code can be expanded to more than 2 players.

Alex Juarez, Priya Chagaleti, Sean Johnson

Intergrating a coding view to replace the current textfield and tiny MCE views

Sage has a poorly integrated coding view and using tiny mce we were able to integrate both codemirror and a suite of other coding centric features into the sage notebook.

Scott Yeager, William Cauchois

Sage Geometry

Sage does not currently include any convenient routines for drawing basic Geometric figures as done in axiomatic geometry courses. Our Sage Geometry project implements several classes for constructing geometric objects like points, lines and triangles, as well as annotating the figures drawn, and extracting useful information about the relations between objects.

Tage Rauen



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