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Math 480a Spring 2008 Schedule

Click on the description of each day for more details, notes, handouts, video, etc.

VIDEO: High Resolution Video Files; there is also streaming Google Video for most lectures with links from the corresponding lecture below.

1. Computing with Sage

Monday, March 31

Introduction to Sage; Overview of the course (video posted)

Wednesday, April 2

Installing and using Sage: the command line, notebook, and interfaces (video posted)

Friday, April 4

Python: Lists, Tuples, Strings, Dictionaries and Sets (video posted)

Monday, April 7

Python: Error/Exception Handling and Classes (video posted)

Wednesday, April 9

Cython: Compiled Python (video posted)

Friday, April 11

Profiling Sage Code (video posted)

Monday, April 14

Debugging Sage Code (video posted)

2. Algebraic Computing

Wednesday, April 16

Groups, rings, and fields (video posted)

Friday, April 18

Prime numbers and integer factorization (video posted)

Monday, April 21

Distributed Factoring Demo; Some Public-key Cryptography (video posted)

Wednesday, April 23

Matrix algebra (video posted)

Friday, April 25

Linear algebra (video posted)

Monday, April 28

Combinatorics, part 1

Wednesday, April 30

Combinatorics, part 2 (take-home midterm)

Friday, May 2

Graph Theory (Robert Miller) (take-home midterm due; special guest Robert Miller)

Monday, May 5

Coding Sprint!

3. Scientific Computing

Wednesday, May 7

Floating point numbers (video posted)

Friday, May 9

Floating point and interval arithmetic (video posted)

Monday, May 12

Single variable root finding and optimization (video posted)

Wednesday, May 14

Multivariable root finding and optimization (video posted)

Friday, May 16

Project discussion; coding sprints

Monday, May 19

Numerical linear algebra

Wednesday, May 21

Symbolic Integration, differentiation, and limits

4. Statistical Computing

(May 26 is Memorial Day)

Friday, May 23


Monday, May 26


Wednesday, May 28


Friday, May 30


Wrap Up: Student Projects

Monday, June 2

7-Minute Student Presentations

Wednesday, June 4

7-Minute Student Presentations

Friday, June 6

7-Minute Student Projects Presentations

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