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Error/Exception Handling and Classes

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  1. (5 minutes) Reminder: Homework is due on Wednesday. Make sure to be here, since you will also get the homework assignment that you will be grading. Questions about homework?
  2. (5 minutes) Discussion about the final project.
    • Project ideas listed here as people come up with them: http://wiki.wstein.org/2008/480a/projects

    • Possibility: implement one piece of functionality in Sage.
    • Possibility: Write a review of some math software (e.g., a component of Sage).
    • Possibility: Write an article about how to use some functionality of Sage in an interesting example.
    • Possibility: Write an article about an interesting mathematical algorithm along with a toy or state-of-the-art implementation
    • You can start now, and get lots of feedback from me.
  3. (40 minutes) Errors and Exceptions; Classes worksheet.pdf worksheet.sws

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