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2008-04-23: Exact Linear Algebra (part 1)

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1. Announcement: Sage-3.0 is out! See the release notes, etc.

1. Announcement:

The seminar meets at 1:30pm on Thursdays in 415L Guggenheim (the Applied Math Building):
April 24, 2008: Dan Shumow -- generating random numbers

2. Turn in and redistribute homework.

3. New homework assignment.

4. Feedback:

  1. How is the course going for you? Is it too hard? Too easy? Too fast? Incomprehensible. Please be honest.
  2. How do you want the rest of the course to change?

5. Exact matrix algebra: Some basic problems: matrix multiply, echelon form, charpoly, solving Ax = b

  1. worksheet.pdf

  2. worksheet.sws

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