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480b Schedule

Math 480b

Items scheduled in the future are tentative and may change.

Week 1: Getting started, linear algebra


Monday, March 30

Lab: getting started with Sage; Matrix algebra tutorial Tutorial__Matrix_Algebra.sws

Wednesday, April 1

Talk: History of Sage

Friday, April 3

Lab: Matrix algebra tutorial (continued)

Week 2: Calculus

Monday, April 6

(1) how to turn in homework; (2) questions about sage; (3) Lab: Calculus tutorial -- Tutorial_Calculus1.sws

Wednesday, April 8

Talk: Fast evaluation of symbolic expressions (Robert Bradshaw) http://480.sagenb.org/home/pub/6/ and fast_float.sws

Friday, April 10

Lab: Calculus tutorial (2); 1. drop deadline is Sunday; 2. rlm presentation; 3; start sage.math server with accounts=True and let people make accounts; 4. handout quickref and go over it; 5. hands-on tutorial with Q&A

Week 3: Number theory

Monday, April 13

Lab: Number theory (1): (1) handout number theory quickref and go over; (2) go over number theory worksheet Math_480b__Number_Theory_Worksheet_1.sws

Wednesday, April 15

Talk: The Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture bsd.sws bsd.pdf another_bsd_talk.pdf

Friday, April 17

Lab: Number theory (2) Math_480b___20090417___modular_arithmetic.sws

Week 4: Cryptography

Monday, April 20

Lab: Public-key cryptography Math_480___Cryptography_1.sws

Wednesday, April 22

Talk: Elliptic curves over finite fields Elliptic_Curves_over_Finite_Fields.sws

Friday, April 24

Lab: Elliptic curve cryptography

Week 5: Graph Theory

Monday, April 27

Lab: Graph theory -- creating graphs, finding paths and colorings. 20090427-graphs_day1.sws

Wednesday, April 29

Talk: Graph theory in Sage tour. 20090429-tour.sws

Friday, May 1

Lab: Graph theory -- matrices and groups associated to graphs 20090501-connections.sws

Week 6: Statistics

Monday, May 4

Lab: Introduction to Statistics in Sage 20090504-stats1.sws

Wednesday, May 6

Financial time series 20090506-finance.sws

Friday, May 8

Lab: Financial time series and getting your data into sage 20090508-time_series_data.sws

Week 7: Combinatorics

Monday, May 11

Lab: Combinatorial families 20090511-combinatorics-enumeration.sws

Wednesday, May 13

Lecture: Combinatorial Functions 20090513-combinatorial_functions.sws

Friday, May 15

Lab: Sloane's table of integer sequences 20090515-sloane.sws

Week 8: Software Engineering

Monday, May 18

Lab: Writing Sage programs and using the command line 20090518-programs.sws

Wednesday, May 20

Lecture: How I built the Sage project from the ground up

Friday, May 22

Lab: How to become a Sage developer 20090521-sagedev.sws

Week 9: Puzzles

Monday, May 25

No class -- memorial day

Wednesday, May 27

Solving Sudoku and other puzzles with Sage 20090527-sudoku.sws

Friday, May 29

Lecture: Rubik's Cube 20090529-rubiks.sws

Week 10: Algorithms in Sage

Monday, June 1

Lab: The Sage Project 20090601-sage.sws

Wednesday, June 3

Lecture: Sage Grand Tour

Friday, June 5

Lab: Sage Grand Tour 20090605-tour.sws

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