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SAGE Employees During Summer 2008

  1. Michael Abshoff -- (funded by Microsoft) port of Sage to Windows (and Solaris); Sage release manager Blog

  2. Elliott Brossard -- (funded by NASA/Sage Foundation) interactive plotting, calc 101 Blog

  3. Gary Furnish -- (funded by Google/NSF) symbolic Calculus Blog

  4. Chris Gorecki -- (funded by Microsoft) port of Sage to Windows
  5. Mike Hansen -- (funded by Google) combinatorial species; Blog and Code

  6. Emily Kirkman -- (funded by Google) graph theory, 2d graphics; Blog

  7. Robert Miller -- (funded by Google) backtracking algorithms and Blog

  8. Brett Nakashima -- (funded by VIGRE/NSF) quantitative finace Blog

  9. Yi Qiang -- (funded by Google) distributed Sage Blog

  10. Chris Swierczewski -- (funded by Glenn Tarbox) quantitative finance Blog

  11. Igor Tolkov -- (funded by Google Summer of Code) improving @interact Blog

Of course, I also have a blog.

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