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Math 600a: Modular Forms Reading Course

Course Description

This is a graduate-level mathematics course on modular forms, under the umbrage of William Stein.

Course Info

Schedule of Topics




W 3/30

1. Course organization

W 4/6

2. Introduction, definition and some examples

Aly Deines

W 4/13

3. Hecke operators

Simon Spicer

W 4/20

4. Hecke eigenforms

Joanna Gaski

W 4/27

5. Petersson inner product

Joe Pacold

W 5/4

6. Oldforms and newforms

Bharathwaj Palvannan

W 5/11

7. Modular curves

Igor Tolkov

W 5/18

8. Cusps and compactification of Y(Gamma) to X(Gamma)

Aly Deines

W 5/25

9. L-functions

Simon Spicer

W 6/1

10. From: Moduli spaces, Atkin-Lehner operators

W 6/8

11. Hecke operators interpretation in terms of modular curves

2013-05-11 18:32