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11/480a/grading guidelines

Homework/Grading Guidelines

A GMail address has been created which will be used exclusively for homeworks/grading in this course. All course-related queries should still be emailed to the course’s Google Group address ([email protected]). Grading-related queries should be sent to the course grader Simon Spicer ([email protected]).

  1. Submit your homeworks to the following email address: [email protected]. Homework is due on Wednesday at 14:30, at the beginning of class that day. Late submissions will not be graded unless prior arrangements are made with Simon Spicer.

  2. Please submit your homework as a Sage Worksheet. Within the same worksheet you can typeset all written parts to the homework, as well as simultaneously list executable Sage, Python and Cython code, so it’s going to be the easiest option in terms of producing a cohesive homework assignment. There may be upcoming homeworks where submitting in a different format makes sense; those will be addressed on a week-by-week basis.
  3. Attach the downloaded Sage worksheet (you can download a worksheet by going to [File –> Save worksheet to a file] in the notebook) to an email titled with your name, student number and homework number. Please keep the email title to the format “MATH480 HOMEWORK X - LAST NAME, FIRST NAME - STUDENT #”. This will make managing them easier from the grader’s side.

  4. Upon the grader receiving all the homeworks, you will be forward one assignment from a randomly chosen classmate. At the same time, you will also be emailed the grading guidelines for that week.
  5. It will then be your responsibility to grade the homework. Each homework set will be out of 20 points, and grading is due on Friday at 14:30, exactly two days after the homework is due.
  6. Submit the graded homework to [email protected] again. Do this by replying to the homework email I have forwarded to you (i.e. your email title should read “RE: FWD: MATH480 HOMEWORK X - LAST NAME, FIRST NAME - STUDENT #” or something similar.

  7. Write up your grading of the student’s homework in the body of the email, addressed to the person you are grading. Include the total out of 20, the points awarded for each question, and a brief critique for each question.
  8. When everyone’s graded homework has been returned, the course grader (Simon Spicer) will look them over to make sure everything is in order. He will assign a further grade out of 5 points on how well you’ve graded. This grade depends on whether your comments are helpful, how thoroughly you’ve looked over your gradee’s code, whether you’ve submitted your grading on time etc. This is a check to make sure you’ve put in the effort to review your gradee’s work properly.
  9. Your homework score for that week will be the sum of your graded homework score out of 20 and the grading score out of 5, for a total out of 25.
  10. Your graded homeworks will be returned by email (i.e. Simon will forward the writeup made by your grader) with both scores and the sum total out of 25. You will receive your graded homework by the following Wednesday.

IMPORTANT: The grading process is NOT anonymous; you will know who has graded your homework upon getting your graded homework back. As such, please keep everything polite, legible and succinct.

If there are any queries about the grading process, please let Simon know.

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