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Final Projects

See http://wstein.org/edu/2010/480b/projects/ for all of the materials associated to the final projects.


These will be "lightning talks", with a strict 5 minute time limit.
Test your computer with the projector ahead of time or else make sure
to give me a file that can be displayed on my laptop.    Come to 
class early.


1. Title: UW Taveling Salesman
Group Members: David Moon, Bryan Clark, TJ Armstrong
Current Status: We've worked out several different paths so far.  Now
we're just trying to improve our route.

2. Title: Sundials and apparent solar motion
Group Members: Mack Talcott, Dan Kowalczyk, Mary Labissoniere, Leah Bueing
Current Status: We're exploring the best way to parametrize the sun's
motion and discussing what exactly our program will consist of.  We're
trying to decide between a motion model based on local noon (from a
paper we found :P) or making our own simple solar system model.  Our
current goal: input a date, time, longitude, and lattitude and get
back the position (azimuth and zenith angle) of the sun.

3. Title: Implementing the Stereographic Projection in Sage
Group Members: Jeff Beorse, Kevin Lindeman, Simon Spicer
Current Status of project: Getting there. We know what we can and
still want to do; it's now a case of sitting down and coding up the
various aspects of the project.

4. Title: Modeling Racko
Group Members: Carrie Franks, Ruby Garza, Amanda Geddes, Chris Carter
Current Status: Right now we are all coding our various portions of
the program. We haven't started the paper yet.

5. Title: Performing Classical Lamination Theory Calculations and Failure
Analysis of composite laminates
Group Members: Charles Callahan, Elizabeth Lewis, Jennifer Porter, Chris Bolton
Current Status: Have coded majority of CLT calculations. Brainstorming
and researching efficient methods for collecting user input and
effectively displaying output.

6. Title: Experimenting w/ OneBusAway and Sage
Goup Members: Kevin Chu, Alli Adamonis, Dan Meyering and Tim Willis
Current Status: Working out some data acquisition issues from OBA/KC
Metro but we have a relatively clear idea of what we'd like to do once
we get that sorted

7. Title: Finding the most efficient school bus routes 
Group Members: David Lee, Ngoc Nguyen, Erin Crenshaw, Sweety Grewal
Current Status: We have most of the basics of our program worked out
so far. We are currently working on the graphics and the more
complicated parts of the algorithm.

8. Title: Developing on the Sage Notebook
Group Members: Hoon


9. Title: Ham Sandwich Cuts
Members: Chloe Huber, Maddie Romansic, Lauren Bobel, Andy Barr, Matt Junge
Current Status: We are about 2/3 done. There are a couple coding tasks
left to do, but we have the skeleton of our project walking around. We
are yet to start writing up our process.

10. Title: 3D printing solid modeler
Group Members: Fareed Faghih Aaron Schilling Marcus Lew
Current Status: The basic modeling capabilities are completed, including
various types of primitive shapes and transforms. More transforms and
primitives will be added. Additionally, a test 3d print was completed

11. Title: Badassleship
Members: Marissa Hackett, Matt Lane, Zach Badger-Markey
Current Status: Our goals are to create an online battleship game where two
players play against each other and are rated based on an ELO rating
system.  So far we have the ELO algorithm written, and a working game.
We are working on making the game based online.

12. Title: UW Maps
Group Members: David Ou, David Luu-Van, Steven Berry
Current Status: Have a working TSP solution in python with Ant Colony
Optimization, but trying to get it work in javascript. Any suggestions
will be helpful, tried using pyjamas to no avail. On another note, we
have the Google Maps code worked out so once the logic is translated
into javascript the app should look pretty nice.  

13. Title: Calculator Module
Group Members: Yifan Zhang
Current Status: Got the basic stuff done and am working on some more
advanced stuff Presentation Request: Friday the 4th sounds good

14. Title: Sudoku
Group Members: Derek Anderson and Jeremy Wright
Current Status: Puzzle generator and solver and interactive puzzle so
anyone can try to solve it with hints. And possibly a timer and a
guess counter. See who can do it the fastest with the least amount of

15. Title: Haven't decided on one yet
Group members: Chris Thralls
Current Status: Still in the thought formulation portion of the

16. Title: Rigid Body Simulation, Python Physics Simulation
Group members: Kevin Stueve
Current status of your project: There is a lot more work to do.

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