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  Members of the Grothendieck Circle

  Founding Members:

    Harvey Shoolman, Newton Project ([email protected])

   Alain Herreman, Université de Rennes ([email protected])

   Matthias Künzer, Universität Ulm ([email protected])

   Roy Lisker, Ferment Magazine ([email protected])

   Pierre Alexandre Lochak, Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu ([email protected])

   Colin McLarty, Case Western Reserve University ([email protected])

   Winfried Scharlau, Universität Münster ([email protected])

   Leila Schneps, Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu ([email protected])

  Supporting Members:
   The supporting members have contributed documents otherwise helped with the website.

    Luca Barbieri Viale, Università di Padova ([email protected])

    Ronnie Brown, University of Bangor ([email protected])

    Adrian Heathcote, University of Sydney ([email protected])

   Max Lipyanskiy, MIT ([email protected])

   Guerino Mazzola, School of Music of the University of Minnesota ([email protected])

   This web site is updated by Leila Schneps ([email protected])
   It was originally designed by Max Lipyanskiy and Dmitriy Kedrin ([email protected])