Elementary Number Theory

Spring 2007

Math 480 at University of Washington

Instructor: William Stein

In Class Midterm

On April 25, 2007 there will be 1 in class midterm, which is worth 30% of your grade. This is the only exam you will take in this class.

The Midterm (PDF)

For this exam, you will not have access to notes, calculators, or anything except a pencil or pen. This will test both how deeply you understand what is going on in the class, and that you actually have some facility with the algorithms that we will discuss. Many of the algorithms are trivial to run on a computer (just type a command), but to really understand them you have to try them out by hand a few times -- and to do well on this exam you will have had to do that.

Study suggestions

  1. Do the practice midterm.
  2. Do all the problems in the book. They are different than the problems assigned in class, and most of them have answers in the back.
  3. Look at this past midterm from when I taught this class at Harvard in 2002. Unfortunately it covers significantly different material.